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March 14, 2012
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LH: The Master by Syupi LH: The Master by Syupi

I've been meaning to totally redo Master's app for awhile but ajfkdljk time gets away from me. The old app was so icky it wasn't even funny :I


Commonly known as simply Master (he doesn’t know his real name, but the name he goes by is Rouska, and he does not give that name out lightly)




(He has an explanation for being this short, so hopeful applicants, don’t go thinking you can make yours ridiculously short for no reason . . .)




More masochistic in the bedroom, more sadistic in his actions around the hotel (example, getting entertained by giving everyone in the hotel aphrodisiac-filled chocolates . . .)


Nothing in particular; he’ll just do whatever his partner at that time likes without a clear opinion on it. In other words . . . he’s game for anything.


:bulletred: Pastaaaaa~
:bulletred: Alcohol (wine in particular)
:bulletred: Men.
:bulletred: Talking – He has a bad habit of talking too much during sex . . .
:bulletred: Putting his life in danger
:bulletred: Oversized sweaters (he wears them when he goes out)
:bulletred: Teasing
:bulletred: His tongue piercing \owo/


:bulletred: Meat
:bulletred: Undies |D He doesn’t wear them, doesn’t even own any~
:bulletred: Pants – he thinks they’re uncomfortable and restricting
:bulletred: Being teased :paranoid:
:bulletred: Public places – he prefers to stay solely at the hotel
:bulletred: Getting drunk
:bulletred: Sleeping
:bulletred: Making noises during sex – if he’s prodded enough he’ll do it, but he won’t like it one bit.


For the most part, Rouska is cheerful and is willing to do whatever it takes to please his tenants, as long as they’re abiding by the few rules he’s set up around the hotel. Generally he doesn’t need to worry about that; he feels he can trust his tenants to behave, but once in a while, things happen . . .

When certain topics get brought up, however, he’ll become quiet and moody, and in extreme cases angry. Usually he’ll retreat to his room at this point so he doesn’t bother anyone or stupidly say something he’s thinking about. Asking him about his past or claiming one doesn’t know anything about him will get him frustrated as well, simply because as much as he might want to tell someone, he can’t.

During sex he becomes little more than a tease, taunting the other’s actions or twisting their words to see what kind of reactions he’ll get out of them. He’ll disobey just to find out what the punishment would be for doing so, and he absolutely will not stop his sex partner no matter how far they want to go. He loves pain, and he loves danger, and he’s willing to risk his own life to get that high.


He doesn’t talk about it. He makes sure no one knows anything about it, and he will claim it is to protect those he’s close to. And those who do know about it only know hints, aka nothing that would really reveal what happened to him.

A new piece of his past comes with the end of every mandatory event in LH. This doesn’t mean that the tenants know about it: this is simply so people can find out about him.

Part One
Part Two

Additional Info:

:bulletred: He has two piercings: a tongue piercing and one that takes an adventure to find \owo/ . . . okay not really. But yeah.
:bulletred: Red is (quite obviously) not his original hair color.
:bulletred: He WANTS to be scarred, so no holds barred on that account.
:bulletred: Most prominent scars: marks over his torso (Sangre), a rose carved into his right thigh (Sangre), Japanese Kanji for "Master" carved into his left thigh (Jihu), Burn henna across the left side of his torso starting from his shoulder to the bottom of his ribcage (Azarath) If rping smut with Master feel free to hurt him however you want =w=

ffff I'll add more later...*wanted to get this up*

;v; RP with Master via notes or Skype~
Skype: Insane_Nehme (let me know who you are)

Rouska (c) =Syupi
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InsaneSanity813 Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Tear: Laced chocolate . . . Wait, is that really a possibility here? *is suddenly nervous*
Master: *giving a perfectly innocent expression* Considering most of the tenants know what to expect thanks to Valentine's Day, it isn't for the newer tenants. *grins* Yet.
InsaneSanity813 Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Tear: *his face flushes bright red* I'm still concerned...
Wait, valentines day? Do I even wanna know?
Master: Nothing to be concerned about; no one will fall for that trick anymore. *shrugs* I'm sure plenty of the tenants can tell you about Valentine's Day. It was fun~
InsaneSanity813 Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Tear: ...... Okay then...
luluds Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
......... *le blush* damn master is good......
luluds Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
.... oh ...*feels reallly guilty about all his stupid life problems annoying everyone.* uhm... is it okay if i nly do Private Rps? ... if i get invited.... you see... i can't get onto the Chat.... Anychat for that matter ^^''
Whipply Mar 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
oooo.. me likes! alot. Baylee would love to meet him :D
>w< Master wants to meet Baylee too owo
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